Bad Money – Inside the NPA Mess and How It Threatens the Indian Banking System, Vivek Kaul

This book makes my blood boil. 

I’ve been pretty mad at the amount of money the government spends on propping up white dinosaurs like Air India. It’s our money – the citizen’s and the taxpayer’s money. And it represents a lost opportunity, where that could have solved many other problems that need funding. 

The scale of the NPA mess is astounding. Rs 200,000 crores! Can you get your mind around this number? I can’t. And all because of short-sighted, selfish, lazy, asinine, idiotic policies. And because the people in power are lazy. And don’t care. And don’t want to do the right thing. 

I’m going to stop before I blow a fuse.

The book itself is fairly easy to understand. It should be required reading for all of our armchair economists. And every time we moan about India being a poor country, and the lack of funds for everything from basic necessities to education to infrastructure to defense… we should keep in mind the sums that are flushed away (okay, deep breaths, Shrirang,  count to ten…).

I do wish that the publisher had hired a competent editor. I daresay even Grammarly would have fixed quite a few of the odd punctuations, turns of phrase, and downright weird typos.

If you are close by, please pick up my copy. If not, buy one. But read this book. We all need to. 

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