भगवद् गीता

There are multiple goals I have with this project

  1. I’ve been meaning to read it in the original sanskrit for a long (long, long!) time. The sheer poetry of the few श्लोक that I know is astounding, and I want to (try to) understand and appreciate the original
  2. This fits in with my memorization practice. I’d eventually like to have memorized the entire thing
  3. The philosophical (distinct from religious) aspects match what I’m otherwise studying and forms a good complement
  4. A new experiment: understanding the effect (of just chanting with no understanding) on my efficiency. This deserves a separate article of its own (“coming soon!”)

My plan is to approach each अध्याय in a phased manner:

  • Develop familiarity with the laya, chanda and all the complicated constructs
  • Understand the literal meanings
  • Work on the interpretations
  • Memorize

As of this writing, I am at the first level of अध्याय 1, 2, 3 and 6


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