Sahara: The Untold Story, Tamal Bandyopadhyay

I have a bit of a mixed reaction to this book, but mainly due to my expectations. I didn’t realize that the book was published around 2014, just around the time Roy was arrested, so it doesn’t cover that part of the saga. That’s one downside. The second one is that the author presumes too much background/domain knowledge from me, which I don’t have. As I said, the downsides are more on me, not a reflection on the book.

Barring these, what a wonderful book! I had no idea of the extent of Sahara’s success, and while he is not explicit, it is pretty clear how Sahara makes money. I still feel that there must be some political money being whitewashed, but due to lack of evidence… Two additional points: Subrata Roy’s hubris is astounding. And the even-handed treatment by the author is amazing. It brought my bias into start contrast, even before I picked up the book I assumed he (Sahara, not TB) was a crook! (I still think he is, but that’s a different story). This really helped me exercise my ability to keep my biases aside and read the story on its own merit. I should do more of this!

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