I’ve had great fun in the last year with a fantastic group of interns (Dhanashree Bajoriya, Kimaya Badhe, Himaja Chandaluri, Neha Choudhari, Akansha Dakre, Sonali Jeswani, Samruddhi Kanhed, Nayana Mangalpalli, Kanchan Sarolkar, Shraddha Vibhandik) and the year before that working on Blockchain with Shikhar Bhatt, Kailash Gaur and Sumit Hotchandani). Oh, and we got some great outcomes along the way.

I plan to continue this year as well, and I’m looking for students who have the drive and desire to change the world. 

Some of the projects that are on tap are:

  • Font Generation and related ideas: A patent has already been filed and another is in the pipeline. Key technologies are eye tracking, gaze estimation, and data analytics. 
  • Pollution Monitoring: This is funded by an emergent ventures grant, and further development is planned including productizing and operationalizing the project. Key technologies are IoT, Cloud, ML and data analytics, and visualisation.
  • New Interfaces: Specifically voice (Alexa, Siri, etc), but possibly others such as eye-tracking (see the first bullet)
  • Mobile App Development: Implementing and rolling out 3 specific ideas around pollution, traffic and learning.

There are many non-technical advantages of working with me – you’ll get to learn a lot more than just the above technologies. And we’ll have fun along the way. Speak with the previous interns to find out more!

If you are the kind of person who does what they are asked to do, this is not the right place for you. On the other hand, if you are excited by new opportunities, have a burning desire to change the world, can take the initiative to develop solutions and want to learn, drop me a mail! Send me your resume, interests, what you’ve done in the past and why you think you’re right for the role. 

I’m also specifically looking for an intern from management/marketing. Drop me a mail if you are such a person.


4 responses to “Internships!”

    • Thanks for your interest, Shubham. Please get in touch with me at “my first name”@”my last name”.org

  1. I have intermediate understanding of front-end web development. I know HTML,CSS, BOOTSTRAP 4, JAVASCRIPT,jQUERY.
    Also i have basic understanding programming language C,C++,Python,JAVA(OOC).
    I have basic knowledge of Data structures and algorithms.
    I just completed course of FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT and started creating small projects. I am seeking for an internship for front-end development.
    I started following you on LinkedIn long back.
    And i would be grateful to work and learn under mentor like you.

    • Thanks for your interest, Siddharth. Please get in touch with me at “my first name”@”my last name”.org

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