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  • Pycon India 2020, part deux

    Abhishek & Soham present “Understanding UMAP,” Abhishek Deshpande, Soham Joshi, Varad Deshmukh and Shrirang Karandikar

  • PyCon India 2020

    Siddharth presents “The View from Above: Getting Started with Satellite Images,” Siddharth Srivastava, Yash Damania, Yash Choudhari, Raghav Gaggar, and Shrirang Karandikar 

  • Intel AI Summit

    Presenting our* work on simulating epidemic spreads at the Intel AI Summit  * Soham Joshi, Abhishek Deshpande and Varad Deshmukh

  • AlgoAsylum Interns 2020-21

    Looking forward to changing the world with a fantastic group of interns: Abhishek Deshpande, Raghav Gaggar, Yash Damania, Yash Chaudhari, Siddharth Srivastava, Samik Pal, Ruchi Pendse, Purva Bhalekar, Janhavi Sathe, Tahiti Dey, Shambhavi Deshpande, Shruti Dixit, Pallavi Raut, and Soham Joshi And excited to be collaborating with (and learning from) Varad Deshmukh once again. We’re working on applications (dyslexia detection, satellite image analysis, pollution monitoring, pandemic modeling, and vehicle modeling) […]

  • Identifying/Creating the Right Opportunity

    What would you prefer: Apply to any and all openings, and be forced to ‘accept’ the first offer that you get, or Identify the right place for you, and proactively create your opportunities therein? How can you go about getting the ‘right’ internship? It depends on what ‘right’ is — so the first thing to […]

  • My (Evolving) Intern Selection Strategy

    This is part of a series of articles on internships. Previous posts talked about the motivations of doing and offering internships (Why Intern?) and my motivations for taking on interns (Why I Work With Interns). This one is about how I go about deciding whether you are the right candidate. First a bit of background — […]

  • Why I Work With Interns

    This is part of a series of articles on internships. A previous post talked about the motivations of doing and offering internships (Why Intern?). In this article, I discuss my motivations for taking on interns. This is very much about my perspectives. If you are interested in interning with me, my hope is that this […]

  • Why Intern?

    This is the fundamental question, one that unfortunately nobody pays any attention to! I think there are two important perspectives: The Student’s Perspective Because it is needed, either mandated as part of the syllabus, or because it will look good on your resume, or it may lead to a job without the hassle of campus […]

  • Thoughts on Internships

    This is a series of articles on internships. If you are a student planning on interning, I hope this will structure how you look at, how you can make the most of, and how you can have a successful internship. Potential topics are: Why do an internship? How can I identify the right opportunity? What […]

  • Internships!

    I’ve had great fun in the last year with a fantastic group of interns (Dhanashree Bajoriya, Kimaya Badhe, Himaja Chandaluri, Neha Choudhari, Akansha Dakre, Sonali Jeswani, Samruddhi Kanhed, Nayana Mangalpalli, Kanchan Sarolkar, Shraddha Vibhandik) and the year before that working on Blockchain with Shikhar Bhatt, Kailash Gaur and Sumit Hotchandani). Oh, and we got some great […]