AlgoAsylum Interns 2020-21

Looking forward to changing the world with a fantastic group of interns: Abhishek DeshpandeRaghav GaggarYash DamaniaYash ChaudhariSiddharth SrivastavaSamik PalRuchi PendsePurva BhalekarJanhavi SatheTahiti DeyShambhavi DeshpandeShruti DixitPallavi Raut, and Soham Joshi

And excited to be collaborating with (and learning from) Varad Deshmukh once again.

We’re working on applications (dyslexia detection, satellite image analysis, pollution monitoring, pandemic modeling, and vehicle modeling) and on technologies (information theory, TDA, decision trees, parallel computation, SVMs, and Fourier transforms) and the only common thread amongst all of this is that they’re all fun and exciting!


Stay tuned for more details once we figure out just what the heck is going on!

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