What you will learn

  • Software: relatively simple constructs, but a great exercise
    in constructing iterations. Visualization.
  • Domain: develop an intuition for how convolution works.
    And its time complexity

Input: construct the following signals of roughly the same height and width. Consider if each of these are odd or even signals.

  • Single rectangular pulse centered at zero
  • Single triangle centered at zero
  • One period of a square wave
  • Single sawtooth
  • Make your own!

Convolve each pair of inputs

  • Decide what the range of the summation should be
    ($-\infty$ to $\infty$?). i.e., how many steps do you need?
  • Start with a single step and plot the result. Repeat for each step. Try animating it!
  • How does the type of signal affect the output?
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